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Legendary Places in the UK and Ireland to Discover on a Cottage Holiday

The Giant’s Causeway

Giants Causeway Northern Ireland
Giant’s Causeway, Antrim, Northern Ireland

The Giant’s Causeaway is one of Northern Ireland‘s and County Antrim‘s premier attractions and it’s no surprise that these amazing hexagonal-shaped cliff formations draw the crowds.  There is something about these hexagonal stacked rocks and their wonderful seaside location that evokes the imagination and a sense of mystery.  Some describe the formations as being akin to puzzle pieces.  No wonder then that the Giant’s Causeway is steeped in myth and legend.

Legend has it that these rocks are a result of a fight between two giants!  The Irish giant called Finn McCool is said to have had a fight with a Scottish giant Benandonner across the water.  The Irish giant is said to have thrown part of the County Antrim coast in to the sea to create stepping stones so the Irish giant can get to the Scottish giant, only to retreat when he sees the huge size of the Scottish giant.  The Irish giant then has to be disguised by his wife as a baby to scare the Scottish giant off since the theory goes if a baby is such a huge size then the dad must be truly massive.  Scientifically these rocks are attributed to have formed after a volcanic eruption some 60 million years ago.  Which story do you believe?  Visit to discover which explanation makes most sense to you.


Glastonbury and Glastonbury Tor

Glastonbury Tor is a mystical and magical sight.  Small wonder then that magic and myth surrounds this impressive landmark.  Some describe this wonderful landmark as a fairy castle whereas others call it a magic mountain, a hill fort or crossroads of Ley lines.  You can still climb up to the Tor and discover what this inspirational landmark means to you.

Whether taking a holiday in Glastonbury or in the Mendip Hills or nearby Quantock Hills, this is a magical place to visit, particularly in early morning where it is sometimes covered in magical swirling mists.



Experience the magic of Stonehenge
Experience the magic of Stonehenge

Stonehenge has to be one of England’s most magical places and is a wonderful place to visit on holiday, particularly in summer time.  There is something incredibly mystical about standing stones and particularly those as large and iconic as those at Stonehenge, which stand proudly amongst the beautiful Wiltshire countryside.

Those with a sense of the spiritual can’t help feeling a touch of magic and wonder when visiting Stonehenge.  Unfortunately you can’t get close enough to touch the stones anymore but sitting around this large stone circle is a memorable experience, particularly on a warm summer’s day.  For the chance to get really up close you’d need to visit during Summer Solstice and go along with groups such as the druids who are permitted to experience the full wonder of Stonehenge.

It is known that Stonehenge dates back to the Neolithic period but what it was built for and what it meant or even means today is still mysterious and unknown.  Some believe that Stonehenge was built almost as some kind of planetary observatory due to the location of the stones whereas others believe Stonehenge to be more like some kind of spiritual temple, which was built on Ley lines.  The druids view Stonehenge as a religious monument.   Burial sites have been found close to Stonehenge and some have therefore concluded that it was some kind of sacred site to do with death.  As there is a ceremonial route up to Stonehenge, this has led some to conclude that rituals took place here,  whereas others believe that this was a place of pilgrimage.  We may never know exactly what Stonehenge was built for or what it really means.  Visiting though will stir your imagination and offer you the chance to discover what it all means to you.

Sherwood Forest

Robin Hood Statue at Nottingham Castle
Robin Hood Statue at Nottingham Castle

Who doesn’t love and identify with the legend of Robin Hood who robbed from the rich to give to the poor?  The story of Robin Hood and his Merry Men strikes a chord with many a heart and captures the imagination of both old and young.  Sherwood Forest lies at the very heart of the tale of Robin Hood as this is where all of his adventures are alleged to have taken place.

The Major Oak within Sherwood Forest Country Park in particular will get your imagination going.  So large is this tree and with a hollow area within the trunk that you can truly imagine that this tree offered Robin Hood and his men shelter.  In years gone by, visitors could step within this tree with its 10 metre girth, but the tree is now fenced off.  Still Sherwood Forest is well worth a visit and the story is so great that we really like to believe that there is some truth in the legend of Robin Hood.

Visit and stay in Nottinghamshire find a place to stay close to Sherwood Forest and learn more about Robin Hood’s legendary stomping ground.


The historical and very beautiful town of Winchester is home to some pieces that surround some of England’s best loved myth and legend; that of the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.  Hanging within the Great Hall of Winchester Castle is a round table which legend has it, is the Round Table around which the legendary King Arthur and Knights of the Round Table met.  Scientific testing though indicates that this table may more likely be a table for a betrothal celebration or other event.  Visit though to decide what you believe and to see this beautiful round table with its impressive Tudor Rose, hanging within impressive historical Winchester Castle.

Whether for a short break or longer stay, Winchester with its impressive history and historical buildings with their legendary pieces is worth a visit at any time of year.


Britain and Northern Ireland are home to some truly magical and inspirational places, where will you discover next?