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Special feature on cottage breaks in national parks

Britain has a number of green parks.  If you adore nature and spending time walking, cycling and wildlife watching then a break in a national park could be absolutely perfect for you.  Some of Britain’s national parks such as the Lake District and the Yorkshire Moors are well known and popular for cottage holidays.  But you can still find peaceful places to visit where you can enjoy quiet country walks.  Parks such as the Cairngorms National Park and Loch Lomond are further afield and where you should find plenty opportunities for solitude, peace and quiet and the most wonderful richness of wildlife. This is the place to go if you want to watch an owl swooping silently towards its prey, a small rodent in the long grass, or a wild cat give you a long stare from the bushes.  Bring your camera for a spot of wildlife photography and the most amazing wildlife safari in Britain, especially at dusk.

Whether you are looking to stay in a national park or are just happy to find a cottage in the country then take a look at the selection of cottages here.

The countryside can be very special.  Whether you love spotting deer, rabbits or pheasants, or just adore walking with your dog, rural life has lots to offer.  Even during winter, it can just lovely to spend time in a country area where you can go for long cheek reddening walks with the grass crisp under a white frost, wrapped up warm, warm hands and toes in front of a log fire and if you are fortunate to have plenty of snow, try your hand at sledging, skiing or snowboarding.