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How to holiday in the UK now summer is over

For many people living in the United Kingdom, when summer comes to an end so too do their hopes for, or even desires to, travel around the country. The predictably unpredictable and notoriously turbulent British weather is a big enough determent for many people who instead now simply bare through the winter months cooped up in doors. Whilst the summer season is a glorious one, we at Country Cottages Online firmly believe it is not the only season in which UK based travel is appealing or viable, in fact we believe that, for different reasons, each season can be considered the most impressive and appealing for particular and different types of holiday travel. To travel exclusively during one time of the year is to limit your appreciation for and experiences of the country as a place of travel. To help de-bunk the myth that summer time is the best/only time to travel in the UK, Country Cottages Online has complied a useful guide on how best to prepare for travel in the UK during one of its prettiest seasons: autumn. An inspiration for many a writer and poet, autumn time sees many of the UK’s landscapes and scenery transformed into even more beautiful and breathtaking sites.

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Check facilities
Many self-catering properties boast a range of excellent facilities which are not only suitable in all weathers but are also suitable during all seasons. Common facilities such as hot tubs, games rooms and indoor swimming pools are all perfect ways to guarantee that you will not be short of ways to relax and enjoy yourself even if you decide you don’t want to leave your accommodation one morning. Instead you can kick back and unwind in a secluded setting somewhere in the English, Scottish, Welsh of Northern Irish countryside and watch the hours slip away from the warmth of your own private hot tub. Many tubs and pools are found outside and are generally heated so that you can enjoy a splash in the pool or watch the sunset from the comfort of your tub. These types of facilities are also ideal for some star gazing on a clear Autumn night.

Get out and about
Temperatures may have dropped off and this may mean that shorts are out of the equation but, compared with the winter season, autumn weather can be pleasant and stable. Put on a coat, take a camera out with you and explore the countryside and coast. The UK is full of some of the most dramatic and impressive autumn settings that you’ll find anywhere in the world and it is often at this time of the year that these natural landscapes look most picturesque.

Leave the kids at home
If you can find care or if the kids are old enough, and trustworthy enough, to be left at home then autumn is the ideal time to do so. Each season has distinct benefits over the others that make it better for certain types of travel. For holidaying with children the summer is perhaps the best season because of the range of family-friendly attractions and activities that largely depend upon the weather being hot (i.e. the beach, sports activities, etc), with the weather dipping off at this point your options become more limited, making it more difficult to keep the kids entertained. Don’t expect much sympathy or compassion, the young ones will expect some days planned out. It can be done, but it can also add stress to your holiday. The range of things to do in the autumn are generally more suited for a romantic trip away in which you can relax, take a stroll around the local area or have a meal out in town. Theme parks and days at the zoo are a no go.

Take a shorter break
During peak seasons owners tend to be booked up in week slots and, with a seemingly infinite number of summer specific attractions, guests find that week long trips fly by. In the Autumn, the slower pace of the holiday means that you can enjoy an equally fulfilling, doubly relaxing, holiday in half the time! These two holiday experiences are very different indeed. During the autumn a long weekend away can be more than enough time for you to spend some quality time with your partner and be able to properly explore the area.

Save some money
Look out for cottage owners special deals and offers which more commonly appear this time of year as owners look to fill spaces for what is typically a less busy period for them.