Best Places for Cycling Holidays in Europe

Cyclists in Turkey
Cyclists enjoying a bike ride in Turkey

There are plenty of beautiful places in Europe which are fantastic for a cycling holiday, where you can soak up the atmosphere of a new region whilst keeping fit and healthy at the same time! Going on a cycling holiday with your friends and family is a great thing to try if you haven’t before, as you can explore and discover hidden parts of this incredible continent and take in sweeping scenery of forests, coastlines and historical cities, all before retreating to the comfort of your self-catering cottage or lodge. If you like to be active when on holiday then going on a cycling break in Europe is a fantastic way of doing so and learning about a new place at the same time.

There are countless countries to visit in Europe which are fantastic for a cycling holiday, where you can hire a bike and trek up mountains or weave your way alongside rivers in quaint towns and villages. There are trails for all types of ability, for those wishing to go on a challenge and cycle up hills and down valleys for long stretches at a time, or for those wishing to take their family on a relaxing amble, stopping off for picnics with loved ones or to look at local attractions and sights. Whichever you choose, you are sure to find something to suit you on your cycling break.

Holland is a fantastic choice for a cycling holiday in Europe due to its pretty scenery, network of canals and beautiful windmills. Cycling through charming and traditional villages, including Edam, home of the tasty cheese, before ending up in Amsterdam, is a great idea for a cycling break, and is perfect for beginning cyclists or those wishing to experience culture and meet friendly people.

For incredible landscapes and soaring mountains, northern Spain is ideal for a challenging cycling holiday for those wishing to cycle through breath-taking backdrops. The peaks of the Pyrenees are perfect for more advances cyclists, where you can ascend to the top and take in the sweeping views of the Spanish countryside below. Photographers will be in their element and should definitely take their camera up here to snap some stunning images.

Other places in Europe that are great for a cycling holiday include Switzerland where you can ride through the snowy mountains of the Swiss Alps, Italy, home to beautiful coastlines and sparkling lakes, and France, full of history and culture. Wherever you decide to go, it is important that you choose great accommodation for your trip to make your trip as perfect as can be.

Renting a self-catering cottage for a cycling holiday in Europe is brilliant as you can relax after strenuous cycles, eating your favourite food in front of the TV in the comfort of your lodge’s living area. They are usually set in stunning scenery, with spacious bedrooms and fully-equipped kitchens, and you will certainly feel like your rented accommodation is a second home after your fun cycling holiday in a European destination.