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If you think the cost of holidays is too high look to Eastern Europe

some of the desserts you could eat on holiday in Eastern EuropeIf you have been browsing the web for holidays but keep finding that costs have risen beyond your reach then do consider a holiday in eastern Europe and you could have a brilliant holiday that is within your budget.  We all feel so much better when we obtain great value for money. Talk to the Czechs, Slovakians, Poles and Hungarians that you know to find out more about their homelands, best  places to visit, the food and climate.  Eastern Europeans work in the UK because even the minimum wage is more than they would earn in their own country and that tells you that certain costs in their countries are much less than here. Some of the desserts to be found in a restaurant in Poland are shown on the right.

The type of accommodation to avoid for a cheap break is international hotel chains because they tend to be similarly priced across the board. Try seeking out accommodation that is run by local families and you will find low prices and good standards. In all these countries there is a host of B&Bs and pensions as well as self catering accommodation to rent. The advantage of self catering is that you can cook for yourself if you are not keen on the local cuisine. Fresh food is still much less expensive in Eastern Europe than in Britain. If you do choose to eat out, you will find a wide range of restaurants in city centres so that you can select a menu and price that suits you, and lower costs in rural areas.

The very best value can be obtained by staying in a rural area and travelling to the cities for days out. Ideally you should hire a car for your holiday to get the most from your visit. There are fabulous places to visit and incredible scenery. Most Eastern European countries have natural hot springs and swimming pools or lakes that are geothermally heated. Now that is an experience. National parks abound where you can go walking, hire a bicycle, ride on a horse and cart and picnic. The national parks are wide open spaces with stunning scenery, rich in wildlife and wild flowers. Go in spring to see pussy willws draped over rivers, masses of primroses and cowslips.

Take a look at self catering holidays in Eastern Europe to see the type of accommodation you could rent and some of the places to visit. Stretch your money that bit further and have a different type of holiday in eastern Europe. If you’re used to beach holidays, try a holiday beside a lake instead although Poland has good beaches on its Baltic coast, for example Sopot. The city of Gdansk nearby has one of the most artistic and pretty city centres. Amber that is used in Polish jewellery and lamp making comes from Baltic beaches.

Thousands of people visit Prague in the Czech Republic each year without visiting anywhere outside the city. It too has fabulous national parks. Some of the most beautiful glass objects, including chandeliers, are made in the Czech Republic. Bring back a souvenir to treasure.

Nesting storks can be seen throughout Eastern Europe in late spring and summer. Visit Hungary for storks and nature and dishes with a touch of paprika.

In these challenging economic times we need to adapt and consider new avenues. A trip to eastern Europe will open your eyes.