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Self-Catering for Some of the Best Gluten Free Holidays

If you have a gluten allergy you’ll know just how challenging finding suitable holiday accommodation can be and will be aware that there are lots of things you have to consider that other people don’t even think about.  People’s levels of sensitivity vary but most people with gluten allergies can still enjoy happy holidays despite their allergy, provided they follow a gluten-free diet.


Why Self-Catering Accommodation can be a Great Choice for People with a Gluten Allergy

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Family Eating Altogether

If you have a wheat or gluten allergy you’ll know all about the potential pitfalls of staying in hotel accommodation, particularly abroad where language barriers can present a real problem.  Some hotels are really excellent at labelling gluten free products nowadays where you may be greeted with comprehensive labelling at buffets or menus making it easy to tell what you can and can’t safely eat, whereas at others you may be greeted with quizzical misunderstanding at best.  Staying in self-catering accommodation can help take the stress and element of chance out of a holiday for those with gluten allergies.

Although some prefer not to cook on holiday, staying in a villa or apartment where you buy your own food and do your own cooking, means you are in control and, provided you can adequately understand the labelling on products, you can be sure of what’s going in to your food.

Some supermarkets in European countries are getting really good at labelling products gluten-free or as containing gluten nowadays.  Remember though to research what the words for gluten and wheat are in the language of the country that you are visiting, so that you can check food labels with confidence when shopping.  Having access to Google Translate on the go can obviously also help.

Staying in self-catering accommodation can be one of the best choices if you are willing to make a little extra effort to ensure that the holiday property is as free from possible allergens as it can be.  Obviously, giving pots and pans a good clean before you use them is important to remove any possible traces of wheat.  For most with gluten allergies, the toaster is pretty much a no-go zone due to its use in heating up wheat-bread but most holiday houses have a grill that you can use.

Whether you opt to rent a villa or a holiday apartment, if there are others that eat wheat in your party, this can bring extra challenges so bringing sticky labels where you can label gluten free and non-gluten free items can be a helpful aide-memoire, helping you to get on and enjoy your holiday and enjoy a wheat-free holiday wherever you may be.