Rural retreats breaks

When it comes to rural retreats, some people dream of a stay in a National Park whereas others yearn to spend time in areas of outstanding natural beauty or beautiful idyllic countryside.  The UK has something different and unique to offer for rural retreats.  Outside of the cities, there are plenty areas of unspoilt countryside, forests, fields, woods and lakes in the UK.  The pattern of the landscape varies throughout the UK.  Scotland is known for lochs, mountains, glens and valleys.  Scotland also has a varied coastline ranging from beautiful unspoilt sandy beaches to steep cliffs.  Wales similarly is known for mountains, valleys, its coastline and let’s not forget, sheep.  England is a country which in the north in Cumbria and Northumberland has a landscape of hills and lakes, more closely associated with Scotland than England.  England by and large though is known for a more flat landscape with soft undulating hills in parts and for its varied coastline.  Ireland has its own mountain ranges and acres of unspoilt rural landscape.

If you are searching for a rural retreat you may well have a certain national park in mind or an area of outstanding natural beauty.  Some people like the assurance that such trusted well known places bring whereas others like to discover new places that are less well known where you may really be able to immerse yourself in peace, quiet and tranquillity.  For rural retreats, take a look at these rural country cottages or self catering log cabins if you are searching for a wooden hideaway for a special break.  Whether you enjoy wildlife watching on your break, hiking, walking or cycling, have a fantastic time, we hope the weather is good for you.