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Renting a cottage for Christmas

Happy Christmas in a large rented house

family Christmas in a self catering holiday cottage
Families rent cottages and large houses for Christmas because most modern homes aren’t large enough for everyone to get together.

The thought of a family coming together under one roof is met with various reactions depending on the various personalities involved.  There is the romantic notion of a spacious Victorian house with high ceilings, log fires and an enormous Christmas tree under which to lay presents. A cavernous dining room with a table big enough to seat everyone, bedecked with Christmas crackers and glittering glassware completes the image of a Happy Christmas.

Add snow and the holiday promises magic.

Traditionally, large spacious holiday accommodation tends to be booked far in advance, so do try to book ahead for the best choice.

The coming together of any family poses problems which could be magnified if people are crammed into limited space. A house with plenty of rooms and perhaps several public rooms and bathrooms eases any feelings of people feeling confined and stressed.

If a family get-together is in your mind, take a look at some of these large houses and mansions that can be rented on a self catering basis.

Details to check

  • Is the house decorated for Christmas?
  • Will it have a real or artificial Christmas tree?
  • The type of oven
  • Where to obtain logs if not supplied