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Top 5 Spiritual Spots for Holidays in the UK

Looking for somewhere to truly unwind and get to know yourself again? Offering the most relaxing of holiday treats, these beautiful parts of the UK are easy to reach and guarantee to make you feel entirely ‘zen’.

St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall:


Laze amongst the gorgeous flowers on the island

Perhaps the most satisfying part of this particular journey is that it is entirely your choice as to how you reach your destination: either you stroll along the causeway when the tide is out, or you take a boat to the island when it is in. The micro climate of the island is one that is evident as soon as St Michael’s Mount is in touching distance, as you brush against the gorgeous flowers that dust   this delightful walnut whip haven on the shores of Cornwall. Reaching the castle placed on top is a feat of ultimate gratification; treat yourself to a   peppermint tea, a gaze across the sea and revel in the notion that you’ve walked the spiritual journeys of so many pilgrims before yourself.





Stones of Stenness, Orkney Island:

Stone circle Orkney

The salmon who swim through highly perilous waters to spawn near to this stone circle cannot be incorrect when returning to this area of magnetism. Once a ring of twelve, only four now retain their proud stance on the island’s landscape: but their appeal is still completely evident. Bask in the spiritual splendour of these stones in a magnificently remote part of the world; sit, stand or lie – just remember to breatheeeee…







Glastonbury, Somerset:

Somerset countryside

An obvious choice for any discerning meditator, this gorgeous part of the UK isn’t simply reserved for the loud music festival – which is, actually, held outside of the town. Many say that the Tor that sits at the highest point of Glastonbury has a strong connection with ‘ley lines’ and earth energies, whether you’re a sceptic or not, relaxing entirely in this colourful settlement is not difficult at all. Wander around the town centre, or take the meditative expedition to the very top of the Tor and greet St Michael’s Tower; a fortress that is shrouded in mysticism.





Whitby Abbey, North Yorkshire:

A signpost leading to Whitby

Abandoned during Henry VIII’s reign, this once Benedictine abbey is one that exudes otherworldliness and complete relaxation. Once a place of infinite piety, this glorious structure is so much more than the skeleton of an old religious structure, and should be treated as such. The energy taken to climb the 199 steps from the town of Whitby to the abbey is replaced by the spiritual sense you will receive from the panoramic views from the abbey that are both reflective and sumptuous, they are absolutely second to none.





Stonehenge, Wiltshire:


Perhaps the most conspicuous of the five, this prehistoric masterpiece is a renowned centre of astrological spirituality and inner peace. The stone circle has drawn travellers from far and wide throughout time, and the sheer effort it took to build the cyclecar monument is one sure to completely achieve inner peace and prosperity. Particularly impressive shrouded in the morning mist that is so synonymous with England, this obvious spiritual choice is one that is sure to please even the most discerning of spiritualists.






Whether you’re searching for inner peace or long for a little bit of relaxation, be sure to make use of the ease of ultimate spirituality in this green and pleasant land.