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Top five features to look for in a holiday cottage

Planning a self-catering holiday can be a bewildering experience because of the sheer number of properties and destinations to choose from in the UK and Ireland. It often helps to make a list of the most important features your prospective holiday cottages must have. It might be that you are desperate to be near the sea for sunbathing or moonlit strolls along the beach. It could be that you need seclusion or you might be yearning for somewhere which has its own luxury amenities. To help you we have put together a checklist of the kinds of features most people look for in a holiday cottage. The property you eventually choose is likely to have one of the following or a combination of several attributes on the list.

Close to a beach

If you have children it is a fair bet they will want to be in close proximity to a beach. Couples seeking a romantic hideaway will also appreciate being within walking distance or a short drive of having somewhere they can top up their tans or walk hand-in-hand with the sand in their toes. There are plenty of holiday cottages near beaches wherever you plan to spend your summer break this year.

Coastal walk in Padstow, Cornwall
Holiday properties close to a beach are in big demand

Sea view

There is also the option to hire holiday accommodation with sea views where you can fall asleep to the sound of the waves and wake to the chorus made by coastal wildlife. Once again this kind of property is ideal for family vacations and there will invariably be lots of amenities in the local seaside community to keep everyone amused during the stay.


It could be that you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the working week by renting a secluded holiday home. This might take the form of a barn conversion out in the countryside, a log cabin miles from anywhere or perhaps a farmhouse with acres of land to explore.

Hot tub

Lazing in warm bubbling water on a sultry summer’s evening sounds like the perfect holiday experience for many. The opportunity to relax is why most of us take a vacation and if you look for self-catering cottages with a hot tub or jacuzzi you are bound to find the perfect place to let you unwind.

Broadband internet access

In an age when everyone seems to own a mobile phone with an internet connection some will be on the lookout for holiday cottages with broadband so they can stay in touch with friends and relatives or surf the internet. Others may take their work with them with a requirement to be able to use their laptop or tablet computer during the break. Internet connections will also keep the children amused when you want to relax.

By Nick Rennie