Best Places in Europe for Walking Holidays

Enjoy walking in Europe's best places
Discover some of Europe’s best walks

There are countless cities, villages and areas of beautiful countryside and coastline that are perfect for a walking holiday in Europe, where you can take relaxing strolls or more stimulating hikes through some of the most incredible backdrops in the world. If you like to keep active and fit when on a self-catering holiday then going on a walking break with friends and family is a great idea, as you can learn so much about a place when walking through different areas you may not have considered visiting, exploring forests, discovering small and charming villages and finding a hidden beach. There are lots of countries with fantastic walking trails and paths that will suit every type of walker, from the leisurely to the more challenging.

Not knowing exactly what you will see or find is all part of the fun, and it can be exciting to know that you may stumble upon lovely little seaside town in Croatia that you’ve never heard of, or discover an enchanting area of woodland in Switzerland. Walking is a wonderful way of exploring a new place, and Europe, with its diverse landscapes and rich history, is just the place to do so. Whisking your loved ones away on a holiday that will keep your mind and body active is a fantastic idea for if you wish to try something different.

Discover stunning vistas
Discover sublime countryside on your walking break

When going on a walking holiday in Europe, you will probably wish to stay in a self-catering cottage, lodge or house. Self-catering accommodation is perfect for this type of break as you can relax and unwind in the comfort and privacy  of your rented dwelling after a day of being active, lounging in front of the TV with a film, eating your favourite foods or soaking in the hot tub if you book a property with this facility. These cottages come with fully-equipped kitchens, spacious living areas, great bathrooms and often private gardens as well. You will feel like your accommodation is a home away from home as it will come with all of the amenities you are used to at home, and more!

A destination that is great for a walking holiday in Europe is Cyprus, home to the Troodos Mountains. Here, there are traditional mountain villages to explore, a wide range of flora and historical churches and of course, being an island, endless miles of incredible coastline. Taking a walking trip here is fantastic for those wishing to do something different.

Inspirational vistas await on a walking holiday
Inspirational vistas await you on a walking holiday

Another place that you may consider visiting on your walking holiday in Europe is Poland. Home to the Carpathian Mountains where you may even spot bears, Poland also features lots of quaint villages and towns, where you can soak up the unique character of this country.

The south of France is full of history and beautiful scenery and makes an ideal place for a walking break in Europe. The Cathar footpath goes through deep valleys and lush green hills, as well as passing by medieval castles, for a truly varied walking trip.

Wherever you choose, you are bound to have a self-catering walking holiday you will never forget, staying in comfortable accommodation and exploring some of the hidden gems of Europe by foot.