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Travels with a pig in Poland

I heard a great true story yesterday. A certain lady was planning to get married and in Polish tradition was fattening a pig to provide meat and sausages for her wedding reception.

The time of the wedding approcahed and this now huge pig had to be transpoted to the city where the wedding was taking place 200 km away. She and her husband to be decided that the cheapest and fastest way to transport this pig was to remove the back seats of their Fiat to make more room and transport the pig themselves.

They lined the floor of the Fiat with plastic to make the potential mess easy to clean later and the pig was rounded up and heaved into the car. A distressed pig makes the most awful squeaking noises. What they did not anticpate is that this pig would be car sick, and boy was it car sick. It vomited everywhere and continued to vomit. They decided to pull in at a layby and see if they could do anything for this pig. When they opened the doors, the pig did not move, it just lay there panting and limp like an enormous dog. Whilst discussing how to make the pig more comfortable, a police car drew up and the officers came over to find out what the problem could be. Well, this must be the inspiration for the laughing policeman because those guys howled with laughter and left.

Pork on the menu in PolandAfter a prolonged break when the pig eventually began to stir, they resumed their journey.

The pig seemed to settle down and ate all the vomit.

They arrived at their destination eventually.

The pig was butchered and turned in good Polish traditional escalopes and sausages that the bride simply could not bring herself to eat at the wedding.

There are various unusual traditions and occurrences in Poland that one would never see anywhere else.  Trees and the driveway of the house where the bride to be lives are adorned with colourful ribbons so that you know that a wedding is about to take place.

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Poland is an all year round destination for city breaks, walking holidays, skiing and snowboarding, cultural trips.