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Top holiday lets for large groups of people

The logistics of accommodating extended family or multiple friends can be a nightmare if you are booking hotel rooms so why not house everyone in the same building. There are big cottages available to hire throughout the UK and Ireland with plenty of bedrooms to make the party’s stay a comfortable one. You might want the property to stay in during a family celebration, a party with friends or perhaps a university reunion. It is best to check with the owners as to what kind of groups are welcome but you should be able to find options galore to satisfy everyone’s needs in the group. These are some example of the type of accommodation available for large numbers of people staying together:


When the group includes different generations you might need a holiday home with features catering for babies and young children as well as the elderly. There are many big family cottages which have high chairs and cots, for example, and adaptations to help the less mobile.

Birthday & Anniversary Parties

If you have a milestone celebration coming up it is a good idea to research large houses to rent for birthdays and anniversaries. There will be no need to allocate designated drivers as all the guests will be staying at the venue and they are often set on large estates so everyone can stretch their legs the morning after.

Escape to the country with a cottage holiday
Big rural cottages are ideal holiday homes for large groups of people

Hen & Stag Parties

It is always best to check with the owners if they welcome hens and stags because some are put off by the riotous nature of some of these celebrations. There are many big cottages for hen parties and stag parties throughout the UK and Ireland, however, and these are often the best options to allow everyone to let their hair down in one venue with no need to book taxis.

Big Groups with Pets

The stumbling block for some large groups booking one large holiday property is when the owner does not allow pets to stay. Once again, it is best to check but you will find plenty of options for big pet-friendly cottages available to rent. There may also be restrictions on the number of animals allowed but a lot are happy for several pets to be accommodated.